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Badr hari vs Rico verhoeven (All you want to know) Time - Live - Stream

Badr hari vs Rico verhoeven  

After Harry was defeated in the first confrontation due to his withdrawal as a result of an elbow injury during the famous match.

The match will take place at the "Gelderdom Arnhem" circuit in the Netherlands, and it is expected that it will receive a large fan following,

The match will be broadcast on the Dutch "Zigo Sport" channel on the moon Astra

The company that is organizing the Moroccan Badr Hari has been able to sell more than 12,000 tickets to attend the fight so far

By setting the date for the match and the press conference that was held, and the players were assured of the date of the match, an audience confirmed

And fans of Badr Hari from his reversal of the decision to retire the "kickboxing" that Harry made after the recent defeat at the hands of Rico

Where a previous press conference was held for the contest, between the two stars of the "kickboxing" competition, the legendary Moroccan boxer "Badr Hari" was held.

With the Dutch boxer, "Rico Verhoeven"

This symposium witnessed a cold war between both parties Badr Hari and Ricoh Verhoeven. Where they exchanged admonition and hurtful words against each other. This is to influence the psychology of both before the next (strong) battle. The dialogue that took place between them was hot. As usual, Moroccan star Badr Hari promised his Dutch counterpart Rico Verhoeven with defeat. By telling him: “I will reveal to the world your truth, and show all people that you are nothing but an actor. Rather, a weak boxer does not deserve all this attention. ”

He also assured that he would crush him and take revenge for himself from the last game, in which he urged incitement alongside Rico. Especially after Badr Hari withdrew from the fight due to a muscle strain in his right shoulder

"My legal problems with assault, etc. made the first duel unequal," Hari said. "Now I'm quite ready enough for the title."

Badr Hari has always crossed his posts on all social media sites for the past three years, by posting pictures of him doing strenuous exercises and bluntly announcing that he is impatiently waiting for his revenge time for Rico and taking revenge on him.

The date of Badr Hari fight against Rico Verhoeven 2019 in kickboxing and the carrier channels for the vengeance that falls within the GLORY Collision 2 championship, where Saturday 21 December 2019 was set as the date to face the century between two giants in this sport and the match will be held on the Dutch circuit of Radom Arnhem, and from It is expected that the match will witness a large fan following, whether inside the ring or on TV, due to the strength of the match.

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Ziggo Sport 

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RMC Sport 4

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Veronica TV

Astra 23.5



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